Travis Scott is back and better than ever! Following the release of his Air Jordan 1 Low Olive, the rapper seems ready to drop his new album teased for several years: Utopia. The communication around the highly-anticipated album has finally begun.


The Album

According to the American producer Mike Dean, Utopia is finished and has 24 tracks. The album mastering is also complete. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Travis Scott’s fourth studio album and, according to several sources, it is scheduled to drop in June. Some even speculate that the release date is June 23.


The Sneakers

Travis Scott has teased multiple silhouettes over the past few days. A new pair of sneakers is expected to drop with the album. The Air Jordan 1 Low bearing the Utopia branding has already been spotted. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Travis Scott’s collaboration with Nike.


The Clothing Collection

In addition to the sneakers, a clothing collection is also expected to accompany the release of the album. Travis has already teased the new drop while wearing a white outfit with red branding. Two different logos have emerged and are expected to represent the visual identity of Utopia.


The Movie

For the past two years, Travis Scott has been teasing a film that could accompany the release of his new album. The script titled “Utopia,” created in collaboration with A24, has been shared on his social media platforms since 2021. Fans are excited to see the rapper’s ambitions for the cinema finally come to fruition with this new album.


The Privileged Few

The artist has been sharing his album with friends and family. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Tom Brady, and many others have had the privilege of listening to Utopia before its official release.

Travis Scott’s Utopia is sure to be a hit, with fans eagerly waiting for the official release date announcement. Stay tuned for more updates!