Definition of Streetwear

Streetwear  ,  sometimes called  skatewear , is a style of clothing that appeared in the mid-1980s. It was developed and promoted in  the 1990s. 

Where does this clothing style come from?

His roots lie in New York in a mix between skateboarding, hip-hop fashion as well as Californian surfers and Rasta fashion. This style of dress is very often associated with street and housing gangs.

In order to affirm their identity, the young people of the 80s/90s invented a new style of clothing breaking the codes of society,  in order to express themselves, to feel “better in their own skin”, liberated and unique .

Basically, streetwear is a form of expression of rather popular subcultures. Music plays a key role: rap and RnB inspire young generations. It is therefore  a question of adapting the garment to hip hop and breakdance .

At that time, the dancers adopted wide pants and sportswear sets, wore sneakers, XXL t-shirts, caps, sparkling jewelry and trivialized the wearing of sweatshirts and hoodies.

Streetwear is on the way to expansion, personalities such as  Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, Public Enemy, NWA, Snoop Dogg or Run-DMC  have paved the way for a new conception of fashion , mixing street influence and luxury. ..

What’s behind Streetwear fashion?

This style echoes deeper changes in society . To begin with, the world of work has changed: it is less about conformity, individuality and the right of everyone to express themselves are more and more put forward. This approach also responds to a growing need for brands (also luxury) to seduce young people who no longer recognize themselves in an overly classic wardrobe, which is rarely renewed.

However, there is no Streetwear style to speak of.

Whether we are talking about different styles such as: Urbanwear, Sportwear, Asian style or other each have this Streetwear approach.

It is first of all a lifestyle before a style of dress.  Let’s not forget that at the base this style  comes from the street, which links it to urban culture. Dance, music, sport and art are the hallmarks of the style and have been since the beginning.

Streetwear wants to be barrier-free, positive in exchange, sharing and social diversity.  No matter how the garment is worn, the main thing is to express our personality through it and the values ​​that these garments put forward.

This is why the OVERMIND brand relies heavily on the values ​​it exudes.

What future for the world of Streetwear  ?

With the arrival of Generation Z, creativity, novelty, research, various experiments and ideas are emerging more and more, all of this has become a means of expression .

In addition, today, with social networks such as Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook for example, it is easier to express yourself to an audience, and especially through your clothes. All means are good to appear original in order to express your own vision. Streetwear is all the more complicated to define.

But it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to let your creativity and imagination express itself to make room for new trends and let your personality guide you towards a style specific to each of you.

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