When thinking about Amnesia Ibiza, images of summer on the island, vibrant music nights, and renowned DJs often come to mind. However, one aspect that may not have been associated with the iconic club is the world of sneakers and collaborations. That is set to change this summer with an exciting partnership between size?, adidas Originals, and Amnesia.

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The collaboration between size?, adidas Originals, and Amnesia aims to enhance the club experience by introducing a series of events and unique video mapping throughout the summer season. The partnership kicks off today with the Do Not Sleep party and the Pyramid opening party on June 11, where size? and adidas Originals will showcase their distinctive cultural touch to amplify the unforgettable nights Amnesia is known for.


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While this collaboration marks size?’s and adidas Originals’ first venture into Amnesia Ibiza, adidas has previously been involved on the island. Last year, they launched the CircoLoco Forum Low, demonstrating their affinity for the Ibiza scene and its vibrant atmosphere.

Potential for Sneaker Collaborations: Although it remains unclear if the three-way partnership will include footwear collaborations, considering the historical catalog of both size? and adidas Originals, there is a possibility of exciting releases in the future. Sneaker enthusiasts can look forward to potential surprises by the end of the summer season.

For now, it’s an invitation to visit Ibiza and immerse oneself in the unique experiences brought by this collaboration. Whether it’s the pulsating music, the immersive video mapping, or any surprises that lie ahead, Amnesia Ibiza promises an unforgettable time for attendees.