Meet Stain Regix, the rising rap sensation, blending soulful beats with lyrical finesse. Embodying the essence of urban culture, he unleashes No Stressing, his latest musical masterpiece. Beyond the mic, his persona, Carlos Emmanuel, echoes the spirit of the streets.

As Ibiza Pimp, a creative haven for music and fashion, we delve into Stain Regix’s inspiration behind “No Stressing,” exploring the stories that shape his artistry. Join us on this captivating journey as we discover how he weaves soulful rhythms, leaving an indelible mark on hearts worldwide. No Stressing, just pure raw talent and unbridled passion. Let the music speak.


1) Tell us about your motivations and objectives:

“I really aim to change my family’s life. That’s my main goal for the moment. But I want to do it with my music, and I know that I can do it. My whole life I was told that music isn’t a secured path to make a living. That dreams are almost impossible to turn into a reality. But I know that with discipline, motivation and faith, anything is possible.”


2) What was your inspiration behind the track “No Stressing”? Is there a personal story that influenced the song?:

“I recorded “No Stressing” back in 2020. But I wrote the song in 2019. Even had the demo version recorded on my phone. And I wrote about a certain relationship that I had with a girl before. She was too intense with her feelings towards me. Stressed me out a lot sometimes.”


3) How would you describe the musical style of “No Stressing,” and how does it align with your evolution as an artist?:

“I feel like No Stressing is like a chill almost lo-fi type vibe but with a trap beat. It’s like music to listen to while your at a beach or just cruising by in the car. And I think it shows that I’m capable of making various styles of music. Even though the lyrics are almost sappy themed, the song overall makes you wanna groove I guess.”


4) Streetwear fashion plays a significant role in urban culture. How does it influence your identity as an artist, and how do you incorporate it into your music and image?

“I’ve just started getting more into fashion. Like my brother is the one who made me feel that passion for fashion in overall. I like using alot of streetwear brands. But I’m also very big on using unique clothing, such as I paint my own clothes with different designs. Hopefully one day I can start a clothing brand with my illustrations.”


5) Are there any upcoming collaborations or projects you can hint at, which fans can look forward to?

“After No Stressing, I know I’m going to work harder with my music. Like take my time with my craft, but at the same time I will release singles that I feel are OK to drop. But I want to soon start working on my next EP, which follows the story from my previous EP (Dias en Mercurio).”


6) “No Stressing” has a captivating vibe. Can you share some behind-the-scenes insights from the making of the music video?

“I won’t lie. The video that was released wasn’t how I thought it out. But since we we’re short on people that day, we’ve decided to work with the little amount of people we had. And so basically we shot the scenes in Ibiza, showing it’a beautiful beaches and overall magic vibe.”


7) How can fans support your music and stay updated on your future projects?

“I suggest by following me on my Instagram account @StainRegix . I usually give updates on new music, releases and snippets of songs and projects. On my Official Youtube channel then can see all my music videos and vlogs. And on my Official Spotify account be updated whenever I drop new music.”


8) Lastly, what’s your vision for the future as an artist, and how do you plan to leave your music communities?

“To begin the Great Invasion. I wanna take over the world with my music and sound. I feel like sometimes music gets to similar sounding. Like the whole trying new things isn’t a thing anymore. I will be releasing commercial songs, but with Regix we have something different for you guys all the time. Different genres of music and styles.”



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In conclusion, as a promising emerging artist, Stain Regix’s “No Stressing” is a soulful masterpiece that showcases his immense talent and potential. Despite being a newcomer with a growing following, his dedication to music and unique style shines through. Follow his journey on Instagram to witness his rise and be part of his musical evolution. Let the world embrace the raw passion and untapped potential of Stain Regix, a rising star in the making.