Air Jordan 4 Cacao Wow

Air Jordan Retro 4 - Unisex

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Air Jordan 4 Cacao Wow

Air Jordan Retro 4 - Unisex


The iconic Air Jordan 4, originally created in 1989, now dons a fresh new colorway. Introducing the Air Jordan 4 Retro Cocoa Wow, featuring a rich brown and beige upper complemented by vibrant turquoise accents. This is paired with an off-white midsole and a beige outsole, creating a harmonious color palette.

Furthermore, notable refinements enhance the silhouette’s appeal, with subtle black speckles adding a unique touch to the sole, while turquoise highlights elegantly adorn the laces. This latest iteration adds yet another layer of allure to one of Jordan’s most legendary models! Elevate your style with the Air Jordan 4 Retro Cocoa Wow.






Brown, Green

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