We are happy to introduce you in this interview to a living talented artist who immigrated 3 years ago to our beautiful island of Ibiza.
You may already know him for his music or for the few contents on which he brought us his collaboration!
So we are going to get to know him and his world.
To finally allow us to reach an understanding of certain broader themes concerning the musical world.


Collaboration with Stain Regix during the year 2021.

Interview with Stain Regix

1. How did you start the music ?

“I started playing instruments when I was young, the drums at 11 years old, at 13 I started playing guitar, at 18 I produced dubstep music, and at 21 I started producing and recording urban music.”


2. So your passion comes from a totally different genre, why rap?

“My favorite genres are metal/rock and hiphop. Metal and rock was because my father always listens to metal music. Rap was something I grew up with living in America, from 50 Cent to Eminem to the newest like Future and Young Thug.”


3. From what we could see, rap is not your only style, what other kind of music do you like to play and sing?

“I’m involving composing acoustic guitar music, with genre fusions like grunge, flamenco, rock, etc.”

4. Where are you from?

“From Laferrere, La Matanza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.”


5. Why did you move from there?

“To try to make a living from my music. It’s what I want most at the moment.”


6. How do you feel here and what are your goals?

“The truth is that I feel much happier here. My goals would be to make a living from my music, to be able to have a successful career and then have a record label. And to buy a house for my mother and father. -117.”

We leave you with the latest release of Stain Regix, do not hesitate to listen to it.