If you’re a party animal or have ever been to Ibiza, then you have probably heard of Pacha, the legendary nightclub that has been shaking its dance floors since the 1970s. Pacha is one of the most famous nightclubs in the world and has spawned franchises in many countries. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating history of Pacha nightclub and explore how it became a cultural icon.


The Early Days of Pacha Nightclub

Pacha was founded in 1973 by Ricardo Urgell, who was just 22 years old at the time. The club was originally a small farmhouse on the outskirts of Ibiza town, but Urgell saw the potential of the island’s burgeoning party scene and transformed it into a nightclub. The club quickly became a hotspot for locals and tourists alike, thanks to its unique atmosphere and eclectic music selection.

En una casa payesa en 1973 comenzó la aventura de Pachá.

At the time, Pacha was known for its hippie vibe, with its colorful decor, bean bag chairs, and open-air dance floor. The club played a mix of disco, funk, and soul music, and it attracted a diverse crowd of party-goers from all over the world.


The Rise of Pacha Nightclub

In the 1980s, Pacha began to attract an international crowd, including celebrities and DJs from around the world. The club’s reputation grew, and it became a symbol of the hedonistic party lifestyle that Ibiza was famous for. Pacha also became known for its innovative design, with each room offering a different ambiance and experience for party-goers.

The new look of Pacha Ibiza | Ibiza Spotlight

One of the most famous rooms in Pacha is the Cherries room, which features a giant cherry-shaped disco ball and is known for its house and techno music. Other rooms include the Roof Terrace, the Funky Room, and the Red Room, each offering a unique party experience.

Pacha also became famous for its VIP area, which was frequented by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Madonna, and Bono. The VIP area was designed to provide a luxurious and exclusive experience, with private tables, bottle service, and exceptional views of the dance floor.


Pacha Today

Today, Pacha is still going strong, with franchises in several countries around the world. The club has also diversified, with its own record label and fashion line. Pacha’s success has made it a cultural icon and a symbol of Ibiza’s party scene.

Hotel Pacha Ibiza: Adquirido por los hermanos Reuben

In addition to the nightclub, Pacha also owns a hotel in Ibiza, which features a rooftop bar and restaurant. The hotel is decorated in Pacha’s signature style, with colorful decor and a funky vibe.



Pacha nightclub has a fascinating history that spans over four decades. From its humble beginnings as a small farmhouse to becoming a global brand, Pacha has remained at the forefront of Ibiza’s party scene. If you’re planning a trip to Ibiza, experiencing the Pacha vibe is an absolute must. And if you want to take a piece of Pacha with you, be sure to check out our physical store, Ibiza Pimp, where we sell a range of streetwear and sneakers.